Dec 12

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Twenty Days Until Christmas – Day 9

Today I want to share an early Christmas gift from a friend of mine. She shared a song from The Forgotten Carols on Facebook, so I listened to it and then for several hours listened to all of The Forgotten Carols I could find. Here is what I found.

The Forgotten Carols tells the story of Constance, a rigid yet competent nurse, too practical to be bothered by Christmas.

She is assigned to care for an aged gentleman with alleged psychiatric tendencies over the holiday season. But this unlikely patient, John, is nothing like the senile “crazy old man” she expected.

With warmth and spunky kindness, John eventually breaks through Constance’s iron-clad exterior as he walks her through the untold carols of the more “forgotten” characters in the Christmas story and guides the young nurse to the Christmas carol waiting to be sung inside her own heart. ( The Forgotten Carols )

The Innkeeper (Let Him In)

Homeless (Like the Christ Child Was)

The Shepherd (You Were Not There in Bethelehem)

Handel’s Dream

Joseph (I Was Not His Father, He Was Mine)

I Cannot Find My Way/Three Kings

I Cry the Day I Take the Tree Down


Merry Christmas!

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