Dec 22

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Three Days Until Christmas – The Incomprehensible Gift

Only three days until Christmas and I missed ten days of my Twenty Days Until Christmas countdown! My desire was to add a new song each day leading up to Christmas, but for reasons beyond my control I have not been able to fulfill this desire.

The events of the past ten days have led me to remember how once again how I am the recipient of The Incomprehensible Gift. Have you ever received a gift you knew you did not deserve or were worthy of? A gift that was so precious that you knew it cost the giver a tremendous price, more than you could ever afford, and yet they wanted nothing more than for you to receive their special gift. I was reminded of this incomprehensible gift, a gift beyond mortal value when I was recently calmed during a time of need. The most difficult part of receiving this gift was for me to open my heart so that the Lord might heal it. And He did!

Jesus is the incomprehensible gift. His birth, life, mission, and ultimately His Atonement is the most sacred gift I have ever known. I must receive His precious gift daily to feed my soul and receive His love into my heart. This gift has been called Infinite and Eternal. I have found this gift is like a well that is always full when I am ready to drink from it. The more I drink, the better I feel. Only when my heart feels the power of the gift, do I see God’s great love for all His children, even those who have wronged me. It is then I desire that they too drink from the well and receive the healing of the incomprehensible gift (see: Matthew 5:44).

Today’s first song, The First Noel, celebrates the day when The Incomprehensible Gift was first given to all mankind. The second song, The Prayer, reminds us how His gift can bless our lives each and every day. These songs always touch me deeply, and it is not uncommon for my eyes to spring leaks. I hope they brighten your day and touch your heart too!

The First Noel – Celtic Woman

The Prayer – Chloe Agnew

Merry Christmas!


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